Inertio-elastic Focusing of Bioparticles in Microchannels at Ultra-High Throughput

TitleInertio-elastic Focusing of Bioparticles in Microchannels at Ultra-High Throughput
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLim E.J, Ober T.J, Edd J.F, Desai S.P, Neal D., Bong K.W, Doyle P.S, McKinley G.H, Toner M.
JournalNature Communications
Start Page4120

Controlled manipulation of particles from very large volumes of fluid at high throughput is critical for many biomedical, environmental and industrial applications. One promising approach is to use microfluidic technologies that rely on fluid inertia or elasticity to drive lateral migration of particles to stable equilibrium positions in a microchannel. Here, we report on a hydrodynamic approach that enables deterministic focusing of beads, mammalian cells and anisotropic hydrogel particles in a microchannel at extremely high flow rates. We show that on addition of micromolar concentrations of hyaluronic acid, the resulting fluid viscoelasticity can be used to control the focal position of particles at Reynolds numbers up to Re ≈ 10,000 with corresponding flow rates and particle velocities up to 50 ml min-1 and 130 m s-1. This study explores a previously unattained regime of inertio-elastic fluid flow and demonstrates bioparticle focusing at flow rates that are the highest yet achieved.