Thixotropy, Rheological Aging and Shear Rejuvenation (Summer 2006)

The 2006 summer reading group focused on thixotropy, rheological aging and shear rejuvenation in complex liquids. The principal goal of the reading group was to generate understanding and discussion in a key area of the behavior of complex liquids.

  1. Thixotropy: a review, H. A. Barnes, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 70 (1997)
    Presented by Georgia Bettin Download
  2. Yield stress and thixotropy: on the difficulty of measuring a yield stress in practice, P. C. F. Møller et al, Soft Matter 2 (2006)
    Presented by Jeremy Gordon and Chris Pipe Download
  3. Aging and rheology in soft materials, S. M. Fielding et al, Journal of Rheology 44 (1999)
    Presented by Randy Ewoldt Download | Supporting material
  4. Rheological aging and shear rejuvenation in microgel pastes, M. Cloitre et al, Physical Review Letters 85 (2000)
    Presented by Trevor Ng
  5. Laponite: what is the difference between a gel and a glass?, D. Bonn et al, Langmuir 15 (1999)
    Aging processes and scale dependence in sort glassy colloidal suspensions, M. Bellour et al, Physical Review E 67 (2003)
    Rheology of sort glassy materials, D. Bonn et al, Europhysics Letters 59(5) (2002)
    Presented by Pradipto Bhattacharya Download
  6. Thixotropy: Build-up and breakdown curves during flow, K. Dullaert and J. Mewis, Journal of Rheology 49(6) (2005)
    A model system for thixotropy studies, K. Dullaert and J. Mewis, Rheologica Acta 45(1) (2005)
    Presented by Wonjae Choi
  7. Understanding thixotropic and antithixotropic behavior of viscoelastic micellar solutions and liquid crystalline dispersions. I. The model, F. Bautista et al, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 80 (1999)
    Presented by Chris Pipe
  8. Thixotropic behavior of carbon black in rubber, L. Mullins, Journal of Physical and Colloid Chemistry 54 (1950)
    Modeling of steady and time-dependent responses in filled, uncured, and crosslinked rubbers, P. Joshi and A. Leonov, Rheologica Acta 40 (2001)
    Presented by Shawna Liff Download