Equipment and Instrumentation

Details of lab equipment can be found here.

Summer Reading Groups

Summer 2006 Thixotropy, Rheological Aging and Shear Rejuvenation
Summer 2007 Familiar Results, Famous Papers
Summer 2009 Yielding, Yield Stresses and Viscoelastoplasticity
Summer 2010 Fractional Derivatives and Fractional Calculus in Rheology
Summer 2011 The Cox-Merz, Rutgers-Delaware and Laun Rules Dissected
Summer 2017 The Physics of Gels and the Gelation Process

Home Page Slider

Direct links to descriptions of slides on the website home page carousel can be found here.

External Resources

Information and videos on Fundamentals of Surface Tension and Wettability
Compiled by Abhinandan Agrawal, and hosted on the old group website.

Interactive Wolfram Demo on Fractional Rheological Constitutive Equations
by Aditya Jaishankar